A Robe for The Uncommon Man


Being uncommon (to us) is about being unique—being authentic.

Zigging when others zag and challenging ‘the norm’.

ConviRobe is the consummation of form and function, blending Eastern European tradition with Western style.

It is here to transform your 'COMMON' hygiene routine of schlepping around multiple bath towels, tie and toss (into a heap),

And summon the bathrobe that cloaks the uncommon with a certain sophistication, while wicking away moisture from pits, pipes and cracks. 


Oh, and from your hair, beard, and face. 


Cuz ConviRobe Has A Pair Of Freakin' WINGS! 

Like a Red Bull on the rocks or a majestic melody, these wings are gracefully draped forward from each shoulder to easily dry your hair.



Yet strategic in length to avoid crotch contamination.


Alas, a sheath for a higher degree of shower power and patented wings that flip the script of what you knew of bed, bath and beyond.


100% Aegean Turkish Cotton

Freaking Wings


Sophisticated Styles for all Mannerisms!

So, once again: