Aaand, about our 'COTTON CAUSE' !!! 

Lean in reeeal close, because I’m about to drop some knowledge… 

Are You A "Specs" Guy? 

ConviRobe is a 100% Pure Aegean [ih-jee-un] Turkish Cotton Bathrobe! 

400 gr/m2 - Medium weight - Long Staple - Ethically Sourced and Manufactured in Denizli - Turkey

Meaning? — No BS. No fluff. Just Pure Turkish Delight!

This kind of cotton is known as a quick-drying blend that wicks water away rather than soaking into the yarns.

Meaning? — It has the ideal balance of absorbing the right amount of water and getting fully dry by next use. The optimum balance of ideal temperatures, sunshine and rain, and the slow speed of changes in seasons give the crops the optimum time to mature from the inside out: Not too fast to get harsh, and not too slow to cause any deterioration. These perfect conditions result with a crop that enables to manufacture the soft and shiny looking, optimally absorbent towel fabric that also gets dry fast.

It’s a shag worth caressing, again and again—a carefully constructed cotton blend that only gets better with age. After each washing and drying (low temperatures, please), you will feel that your robe gets warmer and more absorbent, and may be even more shinier. . 

Which means that your ConviRobe has some serious 'Fine Wine Syndrome' All you need is to take proper care of it, and it may just get better with age. #keanureeves

Does YOUR robe get better with age?

"Scoffs and rolls eyes, and then avoids eye contact!"


How Should I Take Care Of My ConviRobe? 

The real question is, what do you really want to achieve? 


You want to take "good" care of your ConviRobe. You want to treat it right. Befriend it. Caress it. Spoon while in it. Have it as your favorite companion for years to come.

If that is the case, please follow the instructions below. 




Nope! You just want to "take care" of it! 

If that is the case, make sure you do not follow any of the instructions provided above. Sky is the limit for your imagination.

A few examples may be: Shoot it. Poison it. Have all your seven cats climb all over it. Oh! Don't forget to boil it!


You see—we've hand-plucked this plush cotton concoction from the fluffy fields of Turkey's Aegean [ih-jee-un n] region.

It's in this part of the world where ideal conditions meet to propagate a pasture of perfection, breeding a bud that's worthy of our #roberevolution.

It is also this part of the world where Pamukkale (The Cotton Castle), a Natural Beauty listed in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE is.  WHAT-A-COINCIDENCE! RIGHT? 


What About The Egyptian Cotton?

Let's not get it twisted!

The real 'Nile River' Egyptian is a very fine cotton blend. It absorbs a good amount of water, and has a good feel.

—BUT, unfortunatelya large percentage of mainstream cotton known as "Egyptian" is grown and made in the USA—I'll give you a second to process that.

It's misleading manufacturing cues like these that dilutes the perceived value of real Egyptian cotton and breeds buyers remorse.

Which Means:

If you are looking for towels made with Egyptian Cotton, make sure you do not get one with a label saying "Egyptian Cotton".

The seller should have the courtesy to put the information about where the cotton was grown! Was the towel made from  American grown Egyptian Cotton, or from the cotton buds grown in the Nile River delta.

This is not only a way of showing respect to their customers, but also to our fellow Egyptian Farmers.

And to the US farmers as well!


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