Blend right into your natural habitat or just let it all hang out— this is the essence of a Commando. And so, my fellow #uncommonman, ask not what ConviRobe can do for you BUT what you can do to free your man parts.

Made with 100% Aegean Turkish Cotton!

Our model is 6ft tall (183cms) and is wearing a <6' sized robe.

What is the general maintenance for my robe?

Listen. You've got to treat your robe right. Befriend it. Caress it. Whisper sweet noth—I think you get the picture. What's important though is that you 'woo' it with a wash ever so often—separately, in low temperatures to keep it silky smooth.

Where are the robes made?

Well, I'm glad you asked. You see—we've hand-plucked this plush cotton concoction from the fluffy fields of Turkey's Aegean [ih-jee-un n] region. It's in this part of the world where ideal conditions conditions meet to propagate a pasture of perfection, breeding a bud that's worthy of our #roberevolution.

What’s the difference between Turkish Aegean Cotton and Egyptian Cotton?

Turkish Cotton grown in the Aegean region of Turkey has the ideal balance of water absorbance and getting fully dry before your next use. These qualities get even better in time. After each washing and drying (low temperatures, please), you will feel that your robe gets warmer and more absorbent, and may be even more shinier. The optimum balance of ideal temperatures, sunshine and rain, and the slow speed of changes in seasons give the crops the optimum time to mature from the inside out: Not too fast to get harsh, and not too slow to cause any deterioration. These perfect conditions result with a crop that enables to manufacture the soft and shiny looking, optimally absorbent towel fabric. Let's not get it twisted. The real 'Nile River' Egyptian is a very fine cotton blend. It absorbs a good amount of water, and has a good feel. —BUT, it has unfortunately become common. What we mean is that a large percentage of mainstream cotton known as "Egyptian" is grown and made in the USA—I'll give you a second to process that. It's misleading manufacturing cues like these that dilutes the perceived value of real Egyptian cotton and breeds buyers remorse.

What do I do if I’m not into one of your eight personas?

In short—you likely have poor taste. That said, we've carefully curated a line of personas that (we hope) resonates with a wide audience. Of course, if all goes well, we intend on introducing new saucy styles to expand our #RobenEmpire. If you have any suggestions, contact thesultan@convirobe.com with your offering.

Which persona is right for me?

Perhaps your stealth sophistication is like that of a Silver Cox? Or, maybe you're more beast than you are man? Either way, we've created styles of all varieties. Pick one. Read it aloud. Assess how it makes you feel. If it strikes a cord? Click it to your cart and fork over the cash money.

What is the general fit to your robe? Am I hung like a horse or a horse-fly?

Ah, yes—the moment of truth. No different than when you're renewing your licence at the DMV and you fabricate a few inches to impress what will ultimately be a doorman, police officer or clerk at your local liquor store—I digress. Fortunately for you, we've limited our sizing down to two—over or under 6-feet in height. Remember, this is less about girth and more about the height at which the robe drapes down.

How much is shipping?

It depends—we favo[u]r Canadians so we ship to them for free (mostly because their nice people). For shipping into the United States, we charge a flat rate of $20. Beyond that, it's predicated on courier fees to your region.

How long will it take to ship my robe?

Some international orders may vary, but most orders will be shipped within 5 to 7 business days.

Am I able to return/exchange my robe?

Gasp—why the expletive would you say such a thing?! I joke. We do accept returns and exchanges under certain conditions that are outlined on our Returns Policy.

Do I have to pay duty/extras to ship internationally?

Maybe? Shipping fees will vary due to regional shipping restrictions and/or border customs fulfillment.

Do you ship outside of Canada & United States?

Yes, our #RobenEmpire has no boundaries. If you have special inquiries you can contact thesultan@convirobe.com directly.

Where is your company based?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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